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19 March 2019
Paynet Upgrade Instructions
12 March 2019

Dear Paynet Customer

14 March 2019

Dear Paynet Customer

17 December 2018

Get $5 FREE airtime when you get your salary paid through Paynet, into your MyCash Account. To receive your salary in your MyCash Account, ask your employer to select POSB as your bank & use the 16 digit MyCash Account number found on your MyCash Card. 


20 November 2018
9 November 2018

Do you want the 2% IMT Tax exemption for your salary payments?Pay your SALARIES using Paynet...

3 September 2018

Dear Paynet Customer,

On Saturday the 1st of September 2018, we upgraded our telephone system to improve Call Management on our switchboard.

26 June 2019






To upgrade your Paynet Desktop client to our latest version, you will need to follow the below simple steps;

27 July 2018

Dear Paynet Customer

We would like to advise that FBC Bank has introduced an additional range of FBC Instant Card account numbers with 16 digits. The new range will be starting with the format 601704 which is to be captured in full to avoid rejections.

20 July 2018

Dear Paynet Customer

We would like to advise that Get Bucks has introduced an additional range of customer account numbers with 14 and 15 digits.



  • Mr. Hozo, Chipembere School Headmaster

    Ever since we started using Paynet to transfer our funds, we have eliminated the risk of our bursar getting robbed off hard cash. Paynet is very secure, it saves us a lot of time and their charges are very low. Thanks to Paynet, we don’t worry about hassles to wait in the queue to withdraw cash. The fact that we no longer write and sign forms means the margin of error has been significantly reduced which is a good thing for us. Secure transactions and reduced margin of error.

  • Irene Masangudza – Old Mutual

    I send my Debit Orders instructions using Paynet to all banks at the click of a button and receive payment confirmations electronically.
    The Paynet Debit Orders Module enhances our payments collection.

  • Mrs Kwenda, Emerald Hill School

    Using Paynet has reduced the burden of carrying cash from the bank to home in order to make salary payments. In terms of security, there are no fears of being robbed while carrying a large amount of money. We used to spend a lot of time counting money and packing it into envelopes on payday but that is now a thing of the past. That time is now being used to do other vital work to keep the Home running. As the platform is Internet based, we do not have to rush to the bank to submit salaries, we do it from the comfort of our office. Paynet is really useful to us.

  • Lindy Griffiths – Cabinet Building and Hardware in Karoi

    My life is so much easier since we started using Paynet’s facility to make corporate and salary payments.  I just make a few quick easy computer entries and press send!  Payday couldn’t be easier!

  • Josephine Mukoki-Mthunzi, HR Administrator Clinton Health Access

    “For the one year that we have used Autopay Services for our Payroll, we have experienced a great service with timely delivery of reports, pay-slips and their team constantly in communication with us as a client.  It is rare to find a company that has dedicated team who care for the welfare of their clients as Autopay does.  They mean what they say and say what they mean and we have not been disappointed at all.  Autopay has a team of people who have integrity and great customer relations. This saying “A Customer Is a King”, perfectly fits with them, we feel like kings all the time.”

  • Brian Kagondo – HR Executive Ariston Holdings

    Am truly grateful for the excellent service I keep getting from Autopay, your efficiency is honourable.