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Outsourced Payroll & HR Services

HR Administration

Autopay also offers the opportunity for organizations to outsource all, or parts of their HR administration activities .We offer payroll management services that include close and remote staff monitoring, and reporting systems linked to our payroll system thus achieving automating payroll data input.

In addition we offer outsourced services associated with the entire HR administration chain from engagement to day to day activities, to termination.

Services may be accessed via our cloud based systems.

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Salary Bureau

The management of the entire payroll process including staff loan, third party payments and managing regulatory relationships can be outsourced to us.

We run payrolls on behalf of corporate and institutional clients varying from Executive to non-executive, to wages and contract wages. Our services cover the following:

1. Salary processing and payments:

This service entails receiving monthly salary input from the client and processing of the payroll to customer’s specifications. Customers have an option to receive electronic or printed reports

2. Comprehensive Management reporting:

  • Payroll Reconciliation
  • Direct deposit of net salaries into employees accounts

3. Third party payments to statutory bodies such as:

  1. Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) for PAYE contributions
  2. National Social Security Authority (NSSA) for national insurance
  3. National Employment Councils

4. Other Third party payments

  • Pensions Administrators
  • Medical Aid Societies
  • Garnishes etc.

5. Regulatory compliance and reporting

Compliance to:

  • Data retention (both at national and company)
  • Tax Legislation
  • Audit Requirements

6. Regulator relationship management

We manage the relationship between our customers and salary related statutory bodies including the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA), Ministry of Labour, Zimbabwe Manpower Development Fund (ZIMDEF) and National Social Security Authority (NSSA). We handle all queries and manage audits.

7. Payroll Funds Management

Companies deposit funds into a Trust Fund administered by Autopay from which all disbursements are done.

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