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About Autopay

Autopay offers a Salary Bureau Service as well as outsourced HR administration services.

Over the past decade, the Human Resources management has been viewed as an administration function within organizations.  The modern world is calling for HR Practitioners to focus on defining and driving strategic HR activities that contribute to the overall growth and profitability of an organization.  One way to achieve this is through outsourcing of administrative HR processes to allow more time to focus on strategic issues.  Autopay Bureau seeks to align corporates’ business goals with their HR department’s activities in order to add value to staff members and organization alike.

Autopay enables organizations of any size to outsource their Salary and HR administration functions to a team of Payroll and HR experts who are thoroughly conversant with the needs of employers and the Zimbabwe taxation requirements and Labour law. Outsourcing improves company productivity by handing over non-core activities to professionals who specialize in those activities, releasing resources to focus on the core business.

A cost effective, confidential and reliable Salary management and HR administration service that enables the HR manager to focus on strategic and value adding activities.

Our services include;

Salary Bureau ServicesSalary Bureau Services - We run salaries on behalf of corporate and institutional clients varying from the Executive to non- executive payrolls.


HR Administration ServicesHR Administration Services - utilizing our HR platform, we are able to offer HR Data Administration


Cloud Hosted Services

Cloud Hosted Services - a web based platform that allows corporates to access our systems and run their own payroll and manage staff data, saving the cost of acquiring, maintaining and licensing their own system. 

Value Added Services:

  1. Time & Attendance, Access Control Solutions
  2. HR Management System – HR Manage
  3. Old Mutual Health Insurance
  4. Innovate – Wellness Initiative