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What is Paynet?

What is Paynet?
Tue, 11/27/2018

What is Paynet?

Paynet is an affordable, convenient and secure method of sending and receiving payments for all organisations and individuals. The system allows you to send and receive payment instructions across all banks and mobile wallets from anywhere in the world.

With Paynet you can pay;

-              Trade payments (suppliers, NSSA and ZIMRA)

-              Salaries

-              Debit orders (stop orders)

-              E-Schedules (employee benefits data for pension contributions, deductions and insurance)

Benefits of using Paynet:

1.            Cost effective and no license fees

2.            Authentic proof of payment

3.            Multiple Audit reports (Audit trail)

4.            Multi Authorisation functionalities

5.            Product installation and support provided for free

Register online payserv.co.zw/register

Or Via Your Bank