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Sophos End-Point Security Solution

Sophos End-Point Security Solution

Information Technology security threats does severely disrupt business operations. It is essential for your business to set up security policies to protect data and resources from potential security threats.

We offer a very simple reliable and easy to manage integrated IT Security solution that protects every part of your business

Sophos Provides a corporate firewall to manage the following security aspects:

Addressing all areas of corporate IT security namely:

  • End-Point Protection - This module offers protection on all devices connected to an organization’s network either through LAN or WAN. This package comes in with:
    • Antivirus
    • Firewall
    • Device Control – on all hardware devices connected to the network (DVD writers, USB ports, mobile devices, flash sticks, external storage media, printers)
    • Application control – of all third party software installation across the network. managing what applications are running on the network
    • Data Control – movement on specific data within and outside the network
    • Network Access Control – these are set policies to manage access to the network
    • Mobile Device Security – securely integrating smartphones and tablets with the diverse operating systems, into the IT infrastructure.
    • Implementing policies to safeguard sensitive data and confidential conversations and prevents unauthorized access to key applications.
      • It ensures that all mobile devices are constantly updated and there are no viruses
      • It ensures security of data on mobile devices in cases of thefts, loss, damage
      • It provides device tracking function
    • Web Protection – control of web access filtering web browsing by site content (e. porn, music/movie download sites)
  • Internet Bandwidth management – management of size of down able files
  • Internet Security - managing internet access to certain sites, by user, department. 
  • It compliments corporate’s policies by  blocking internet content where necessary
  • E-mail security (SPAM Filtering, email content scanning for potential threats)
  • IT synchronises with the internet security in terms of email attachment sizes.
  • Data Security (DLP – Data Loss Prevention)
  • Sophos provides data protection encryption