The Paynet Salaries Payments Module allows companies to electronically transfer salary data, replacing the old methods of providing information on either flash stick or printed schedules. The customer transmits the salaries from the comfort and security of their offices.

As with all Paynet modules, payment information is encrypted and electronic response messages are returned to the customer before the actual value date of payment advising of the status of the transaction.

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The payment system captures all mandatory fields required by ZIMRA and enables payment recognition when received at ZIMRA. A ZIMRA recognised receipt is available on the system at the end of the transaction.

Trade Payments

These are direct electronic payments using the Paynet software to pay creditors, which replaces the need to issue cheques or use an RTGS transfer.


  • Elimination of paper offer
  • Security as the payment cannot be intercepted or lost
  • Significant reduction on administration costs
  • Improved customer service
  • Payments reflect promptly into the creditor’s account.

The Trade Payments Module is user friendly and can be used across the network, or online by multiple users and for authorisation purposes. Each user can also easily access the system by unique usernames and passwords which the system will store for auditing purposes.The details in the system can be exported and the files uploaded into an accounting system.

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