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About Paynet

 About Paynet

Paynet is the electronic payments processing system offered to the market through Financial Institutions. With Paynet, you can pay your creditors, salaries, ZIMRA, NSSA, collect revenue and make use of e-schedules, for a simplified data exchange and reconciliation with your service providers.  All this can be done online wherever you are.  All local banks are connected. Connect to Paynet now and enjoy great efficiency and low cost.


The Paynet System is an outsourced payments transfer platform that offers clients an easy, secure and cost-effective method of sending payments instructions to their respective banks. Institutions automate the messaging service thereby eliminating costs associated with manual and semi-automated payments processing and reconciliations in their back offices and that of participating entities. The Paynet system is used for bulk multiple bank salary transfers, supplier payments and direct debits.

Payment Data

For insurance and similar subscriptions-driven organizations, the system can facilitate automated easy and efficient exchange of data, eliminating the significant cost associated with reconciliation of data between participating entities.