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The Company

The Payserv Group (“Payserv”) provides payments and business process outsourcing services targeted at Banks and financial related services in the COMESA Region. The Group comprises of PAYNET, AUTOPAY, MICROSERV and SOFTSERV. The Payserv Group offers;

  • Electronic Payments through Paynet
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) switching services through Paynet
  • Payroll and HR services through Autopay
  • Payroll based microfinance loan processing and management through Microserv
  • IT security systems software sales through Softserv
  • Payments network and internet performance improvement through Softserv
  • Complete deployment and management of IT Security systems through Softserv.

The Payserv Group of Companies helps organizations maximize return on their investments through cutting costs by outsourcing administrative processes. This improves efficiency, allowing organisations to focus on income-generating aspects of their business.

Payserv Africa was incorporated under the Mauritian law in 2003. They currently have operations in Zimbabwe,Uganda and Botswana. The company’s history reflects over a decade of experience in the business payments processing industry, starting in Zimbabwe.